Emergency operation of UdK due to Covid-19 pandemic

Due to the current situation around the coronavirus the meetings of AStA will take place hybrid - digitally and in person.


General Students' Committee

During the semester AStA is meeting every Tuesday at 7pm hybrid in Room 9D Hardenbergstr 33 and online. All students are warmly invited to attend the public part of the meetings, also to discuss or introduce specific topics. Please contact the AStA Representative for Communication before coming by emailing kommunikation@asta-udk-berlin.de.

Consultations for Social Affairs:
Email us for that please :-).  Our emails often land in the spam folder, please check there as well.


Students' Parliament

StuPa is meeting once a month during lecture period. Irregular meetings will be announced here.

The next StuPa meetings are:


Student Councils' Conference (FSRK)

FSRK is meeting at least two times per semester.
Next meeting:

Ordinary FSRKs in WiSe 22/23:
Wed, 26.10.2022 (Raum 9, Ha 33)
Thu, 08.12.2022 (Raum 9, Ha 33)
Thu, 12.01.2023 (Raum 9, Ha 33)
Thu, 16.02.2023 (Raum 9, Ha 33)

Vacancy Semesterticket office

06.02.23 • admin_asta

We are looking for three new employees for the TU/ UDK/ ASH Semester Ticket Office of the AStA of the TU Berlin as of 01.04.2023.

What is the Semester Ticket Office?

The semester ticket office is an institution of the student body. The main task of the Semester Ticket Office is to administer the social fund from which subsidies for the semester ticket are paid out. We also exempt students from paying the semester ticket fee if, for example, they are not in Berlin for study reasons or cannot use the ticket for another recognised reason according to the semester ticket statutes. Our way of working is collective and self-organised, which means a lot of work, but also a lot of room for our own ideas and design.

What needs to be done?

  • personal and telephone counselling
  • file processing, database maintenance, cooperation with other university administrative departments and communication with transport companies
  • working self-organised in a collective and developing the work and tasks of the Semesterticket Collective further
  • negotiating with the VBB about the semester ticket

The following skills are desirable:

  • ability to work in a team, social competence, reliability, open and friendly manner
  • independent and reliable assumption of responsibility and a desire to contribute to the collective independently
  • Knowledge of german and foreign languages
  • Willingness to get to know the university's political structures and to work in ASTA
  • Open, friendly and patient approach to applicants and in counselling situations
  • Willingness to familiarise yourself with the databases of the semester ticket office and to deal with bureaucratic procedures.

The job offers the following:

  • A working time of 40-60 hours per month (optionally, a different number of hours per month is possible)
  • Employment 13,00€/hour gross
  • A fixed-term appointment of two years (option to extend is currently unclear).
  • The opportunity to work in a self-organised way and to develop the area of responsibility creatively.
  • an open and appreciative working atmosphere

We would particularly like to encourage applications from

  • People with care responsibilities for children (esp. single parents) or relatives.
  • People who are female, queer, trans* and/or inter*.
  • People with a migrant background and/or BIPoC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour), Jews, people who are racially marked.
  • People who have to earn their own living.
  • People with chronic illnesses and disabilities.
  • Severely disabled people are given preference if they are equally qualified.
  • For us, enrolment at the TU Berlin or UdK Berlin is an important criterion.

Please send your meaningful application with CV and WITHOUT photo until 21.02.2023 (date of receipt) to:

AStA TU Berlin

Sek.: TK 2, Finanzreferat

Straße des 17 Juni 135

10623 Berlin

The interviews will probably take place in the 9th/10th week of 2023.

Attention: The post to us can take a very long time. Therefore, please send your application in time! We do not accept applications by mail.

Invitation: LOOM Interweaving the Arts in Europe | European Alliance of Academies

12.12.22 • admin_asta

Dear Students of the Universität der Künste,

LOOM Interweaving the Arts in Europe is an artistic project of the European Alliance of Academies, an transnational network of currently 68 art academies and cultural institutions from all over Europe, initiated by the Akademie der Künste in Berlin. They are all united by the will to stand in solidarity against nationalist appropriations in art and culture and to stand up for the freedom of art.


On Friday, December 16, 2 - 4 p.m.,12 young and international LOOM Fellows will present their artistic work to the attending representatives of European art and cultural institutions as well as young students and Berlin based artists. They represent ten young positions from our network that are dealing with cultural-political topics. Afterwards, there will be a discussion about the possibilities of artistic collaboration in the digital space. Prof. Norbert Palz, President of the Berlin Universität der Künste that is a member of the Alliance, will moderate the discussion; Prof. Kristoffer Gansing will give a theoretical input. Following the discussion, the LOOM Fellows will be available for a collegial exchange.

As a member of the European Alliance of Academies, we would like to involve the Universität der Künste in the future development of the platform and experience the perspective of young artists in this part of the event.

We cordially invite you to the meeting of the European Alliance of Academies, which will take place on December 15 and 16, 2022 at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin.

As the number of places is limited, we kindly ask you to register by December 122022. In the attachment (left column) you will find the overall program, to which you are also warmly welcome. The entrance is free.

If you have any questions, please contact the project manager Mrs. Christiane Lötsch allianceofacademies@adk.de.

More information: www.loom.allianceofacademies.eu and www.allianceofacademies.eu

Invitation on 07.11.: Student Feedback Meeting about the UdK Rundgang 2022

02.11.22 • admin_asta

We want to meet as students to talk about our experiences of and feedback for Rundgang 2022, especially the violence of the hired security firm and the UdK’s organisation of the event. This will be brought to a conversation with the administration and security team. 

Please join us online for this discussion!

Announcement of Changes to the AStA Structure

05.10.22 • admin_asta

Dear UdK Students,

Starting October 1st 2022, the General Student Comittee (AStA) will be unable to operate as normal. The AStA is in the process of being audited by the German Pension Insurance and the External Auditors of Wage Taxes (Deutsche Rentenversicherung und Lohnsteuer Außenprüfung), who very probably will expect an immediate payment from the AStA of about a quarter to a third of our total budget. 

The reason for the payment according to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung is that for the past years, the AStA and Student Parliament (StuPa) should have been paying social contributions for their members, and have not been. The StuPa elects AStA members and outlines our tasks, budget, and duties. Together with advice from the UdK, it was decided that AStA's members were not official employees of the StuPa, but volunteers, and therefore would not pay fees as an employer. Because of this, the AStA now has to pay a lot of money in back payments.  The university itself won't give or loan us this money, and the AStA is currently legally not allowed to receive official external funding for this payment.  

This fee is a large portion of the AStA's budget, and the AStA isn't able to continue its daily work without it. The AStA is currently unable to pay out any expenses, including project funding and emergency social funding. All AStA members will not receive monthly payments for an unkown amount of time, creating personal emergencies. 

Besides that, the StuPa no longer has Chairs, and therefore is not able to operate as usual either. According to university law (Berliner Hochschulgesetz), the AStA has to keep the representatives for Communication + eigenart Magazine, Student Political Engagement, Social and Cultural Work, and Finances. There is also still a university-funded representative for Student Employees.

However, some very important AStA representatives will have to work without pay from now on, namely the representatives for Anti-Discrimination, Diversity and Social Justice, and Climate Justice and Sustainability. The AStA will not have a representative for Student Networking and Interdisciplinarity or Digital Ethics and Transformation until further notice.

That means the AStA will suffer on these tasks:

  •  Working towards social justice for all students within UdK structures
  •  Providing consultation and support for students with experiences of discrimination
  •  Guiding the university to fight against the climate crisis
  •  Advising on the much-needed digitalisation of the university and the inclusion of digital ethics in different projects
  •  Fostering interdisciplinary collaborations between departments and supporting the work of the Student Councils (Fachschaftsräte / FSR(K))

We as the current AStA members find losing the support for these important tasks unacceptable and are deeply worried some of these representatives may be cut permanently. We are sorry for the negative consequences this will have for the students we are elected to serve. In any case, the AStA is still here, even in a limited form. Our responses may be slow, but please reach out in case you have any questions or needs.  If anyone is confused or would like more information, the AStA's budgets and audits are public and the AStA can provide them to you. Right now we ask more than ever that our fellow students engage in university structures such as Student Parliament, student initiatves, and the Fachschaftsräte to help support all of us.

If anyone has creative ideas or energy to help the AStA and StuPa find new ways to support ourselves we're really grateful. You can email us (kommunikation@asta-udk-berlin.de) or reach out on Instagram (@asta_udk_berlin).


Your AStA of the UdK