Emergency operation of UdK due to Covid-19 pandemic

Due to the current situation around the coronavirus the meetings of AStA will take place hybrid - digitally and in person.


General Students' Committee

During the semester AStA is meeting every Tuesday. All students are warmly invited to attend the public part of the meetings, if you have specific topics please contact a AStA member before.

Meetings during lecture-free time 2022:
Next Meeting: Tuesday, 6th Sept 7:00 p.m., Hardenbergstraße 33, Room 9d, and online on Webex 
Please let us know if you want to join so we can send you the link to the meeting.

Consultations for Social Affairs:
Email us for that please :-).  Our emails often land in the spam folder, please check there as well.


Students' Parliament

StuPa is meeting once a month during lecture period. Irregular meetings will be announced here.

Invitation to special StuPa Meeting on Friday, 23.09.2022, at 10am, Online via: https://udk-berlin.webex.com/meet/m.tomaschko

The next StuPa meetings are:

Die nächste Sitzungen des StuPa sind:



Student Councils' Conference (FSRK)

FSRK is meeting at least two times per semester.
Next meeting:

Extraordinary FSRK in the lecture-free time to plan the representation at the Ersti-Begrüßung (18.10.2022) and the Zukunftstag (18.11.2022):
Thu, 22.09.2022 (hybrid/digital) 18:00.

Ordinary FSRKs in WiSe 22/23:
Wed, 26.10.2022 (location tba)
Thu, 08.12.2022 (location tba)
Thu, 12.01.2023 (location tba)
Thu, 16.02.2023 (location tba)

Feedback Session on the Student Parliament (StuPa) Election

16.08.22 • admin_asta

Hello dear fellow students,

We invite the student body of the UdK to an open feedback round at the end of our StudWV work. We have taken the criticism expressed so far very seriously, will comment or have already commented on the points raised, and would like to meet again on 18 August for a joint final round with all interested persons. We have found and written down many points that we would like to pass on to the upcoming StudWV as suggestions for improvement and handover of the work. The meeting will take place online so that as many people as possible can participate flexibly. 

All in all, we would also like to say thank you once again for the cooperation. Even though there were some hurdles, we have put together a great student parliament and we are very happy about the motivated new members.

WHAT: Final round + feedback Student election committee on StuPA election organisation and implementation.

WHEN: 18 August, 10.00 - 12.00, at this link:

WHO: Every person who wants to participate is invited. We will publish the link on the AStA website and via media channels.

Best regards, 
Laura, Lara and Nico from StudWV

Statement of the Student Body of the Berlin University of the Arts (AStA UdK Berlin) on the violence of the security company during the UdK Rundgang ’22

31.07.22 • admin_asta

Dear Presidium of the UdK Berlin,
Dear UdK administration,
Dear building management,
Dear students of the UdK Berlin,

it is with great dismay that we have become aware of a series of incidents in which the security company contracted for Rundgang ’22 has used verbal (discriminatory, sexual, queerphobic and transphobic harassment), nonverbal, and physical violence against numerous students.

Our student body is international and diverse. Therefore, it has a special need for safe structures. Some of the security personnel were completely unqualified to work with our students and their discriminatory behaviour led to lasting psychological damage to the students affected. The high number of security personnel at Rundgang also caused shock, confusion, and discomfort among all students.
Furthermore, some students have told us that they will not attend or participate in the future Rundgang if this security company is hired again.

Demands regarding security:

  1. A written apology from the security company to the student body, especially the affected students.
  2. Significant reduction in the number of security personnel and a change of company.
  3. Implementation of a paid awareness team, consisting of experts and students consisting of at least the same number of people as the security personnel.
  4. Follow-up meetings with affected students with professional mediation to find ways to support those affected, including reimbursement of costs incurred, e.g. treatment of injuries and psychological counseling, if applicable.
  5. The inclusion of professionals (e.g. UdK's Diversity Officer) and/or students in the briefing of the security staff (as already promised in the statement of the UdK published on Thursday 28.07.) and transparent communication about the tasks and powers of the security staff. The briefing should also include training on how to deal with artworks and performances.

The AStA of the UdK is currently working on collecting reports and evidence of the incidents during this year’s Rundgang, but also past Rundgangs. In addition, we are already in talks with the UdK presidium and the administration, which are jointly responsible for this event.

Rundgang is nothing without the students. Rundgang is the pinnacle of UdK's public exhibition of artworks and interdisciplinary/interfaculty exchange. Therefore, we will ensure that Rundgang ’23 can again be a place where this exchange can flourish in a comfortable atmosphere.

Demands on Communication:

  1. Involve students in the planning for the UdK Rundgang well in advance and in a meaningful way (this promise has been already announced publicly by the UdK).
  2. No evacuation of the grounds of Hardenbergstr. 33 for university employees and students, and clear communication of the closing times (e.g. by posting in the foyer)
  3. The cancellation of the exclusive Preview Day at Rundgang and the return of the Sommerfest.

On behalf of the Student Body,
your AStA

08.07. - Empowerment-Workshop for BIPoC Students «Surviving White Academia»

27.06.22 • admin_asta

Registration until 06.07.: antidisberatung@asta-udk-berlin.de

<< Surviving White Academia >> - yes, but how exactly? Answers to this question are varied, contradictory, sad and strange. What actually happens to me due to the colonial practices? How can I take care of myself without blaming myself when at the end of the day I am still at the end of the line? 
We look for the first steps together, the speaker will share the knowledge and experiences of other students.

Workshop 22.06. - Raising Awareness: Racism, Racialization, Critical Whiteness – An Introduction

15.06.22 • admin_asta

Registration by the 19th of June is necessary!

The workshop "Raising Awareness" is about an introduction to the topics of racialization and critical whiteness. The participants are brought up to date with regard to racism research. It will therefore be more about a factual, scientifically sound lecture on which we will exchange ideas and, if necessary, develop strategies together for the promotion of diversity, empowerment and intersectional anti-discrimination at the UdK Berlin. At the same time, personal reflection is extremely important in this area, and the workshop will provide a few pointers in this direction.