c/o AStA UdK Berlin
Hardenbergstraße 33, Room 9
D-10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg



The Student Parliament is a central institution of the student body and fulfills integral tasks of students’ self-organisation. 


 At UdK it consists of 30 members elected directly by the students. To that there are annual elections, where every student can run for office, individually or as a group.


StuPa is the place to discuss and exchange topics of university politics. That happens together with the members of AStA who are elected by the student parliament. It deals with all issues concerning students of UdK. It decides on fundamental matters, as well as the statutes and the finance plan. Like the AStA, StuPa is non-partisan orientated.


Usually the student parliament meets once a month during lecture period. This interval can be shorter due to vacations, exceptional meetings or when a vote is urgently to take. The meetings are public and are lead by an elected chairperson. Members of the student parliament are obliged to take part in the meetings. Additional, part of their tasks is to prepare and follow-up the meetings.