Department of Finances

Daniil Yakubovich + Hannah Spindler

  • Responsible for:
    Settlements of fee and work contracts, all kinds of applications (projects, social, reimbursement, etc.), invoices, ordering and tendering procedures
  • Representing the AStA among others in:
    the Budget committee of the UdK

see also: budget


Most of our financial documents can be filled out as PDF files on the computer. We recommend using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader© for this purpose.

Signing documents electronically is permitted in justified exceptional cases. Likewise, these documents can be sent as a scan by e-mail to for processing.

You can also send the documents by mail or hand them in at any porters' lodge of the UdK Berlin in an envelope with the address below or in a UdK circulation folder with the abbreviation "Ha33 AStA FinRef". Please submit documents in full only to:

AStA University of the Arts Berlin
Department of Finances
Hardenbergstraße 33
D-10623 Berlin

If you have any further questions or need help filling out the form, please contact the Head of the Deparment of Finances.

NOTE: The following text is a translation from German. The English translations of statutes, regulations and budget-specific terms are, unlike the German ones, NOT LEGAL. Even for our financially relevant documents (e.g. fee and work contracts), the English version only serves as an auxiliary offer.


  • Financial implementation of the resolutions of the Student Parliament (StuPa) and the General Students' Committee (AStA) of the UdK
  • Preparation and monitoring of the budgets of the student body and the budgets of the student body for the semester ticket
  • Conducting the financial business of the student body (represented by the AStA) and handling the cash transactions
  • Preparation and monitoring of the budget estimates of the Student Councils (FSR)
  • Control of the amount of the funds of the Student Councils' Conference (FSRK) and participation in redistribution issues
  • Supervision and support of the Student Representative Councils in their financial transactions
  • Accounting of project and social applications
  • Conclusion and accounting of fee and work contracts, negotiation of its general conditions
  • Receipt and settlement of reimbursement requests
  • Receipt and settlement of acceptance declarations
  • Receipt and settlement of invoices
  • Tendering and ordering procedures
  • Signing of financially relevant agreements
  • Regular reporting to the UdK Student Parliament and cooperation with its budget committee on budget planning and other relevant issues
  • Close cooperation with the Budget Department of the Central University Administration to coordinate budget-related issues based on § 20 para. 2 and § 18a para. 4 BerlHG and the administrative agreement between the student body and the ZUV (Anzeiger 2 / 2021)
  • Representation of the AStA in the budget committee of the UdK
  • Compliance with the State Budget Code (LHO) and the principles of economy and efficiency
  • Consultation on relevant matters
  • Representation of the student body of the UdK Berlin internally and externally

The Department of Finance is responsible for all processes of the student body that find monetary expression. Its main task is the preparation and coordination of the budget of the student body, for the semester ticket and the budgetary estimates specified therein, so that in the end a document is generated that is principally able to reach consensus and satisfactory to all, that expresses recognizable trends in the student body prospectively in numerical form, stabilizes trends in expenditure and implements the resolutions of the student parliament financially. In the course of the respective fiscal year, compliance with the stipulations of this set of figures must then be supervised in a dynamic accounting process.

Likewise, the student parliament grants discharge to the respective finance officer and thus expresses its confidence in the AStA as a whole, whereby former officers are released from personal liability. The discharge resolution of the student parliament must always be approved by the Senate Chancellery for Science and Research.

The Department of Finance is also responsible for the control and proper processing of business transactions of the bodies of student self-administration, especially the AStA, but also the Student Councils' Conference, autonomous student projects and other subject groups. These can be realized in the form of project and social applications, tendering and ordering procedures, fee and work contracts, acceptance declarations, refund applications, (administrative) agreements, invoices, material request forms, etc., for whose factual and arithmetical correctness the incumbent of the Department of Finance is responsible with signature and stamp.

Thus, the Finance Department is omnipresent throughout the AStA and the practive of this honorary work fpr the department requires attention, foresight, strategic thinking, interest in complex legal issues, multitasking, a sense of responsibility and duty, flexibility and above all - a lot of (gallows) humor.

Once we have awarded you a project grant, the Finance Department will help you with the proper processing of your grant. Here you will find all important documents for your accounting.