9€ Ticket

Information about the 9€ ticket

This page is continuously updated.

You can find more information about the validity of the 9€ ticket in the „DB Navigator app“ or here 

We currently have the following information about the 9€ ticket:

- You do not need to buy a 9€ ticket! Your semester ticket is valid for all three months (June, July, August) as a 9€ ticket. 

- You can use the ticket all over Germany for public transport (all buses, trams, trains, underground and regional/local trains)

- It can’t eve used for long-distance travel (ICE/IC/EC, Flixtrain, long distance busses)

- The difference between the 9€ ticket and your semester ticket will be refunded

- How will be refunded is currently being discussed between the AStA and the VBB. We will inform you as soon as there is a fixed outcome.

- For urgent questions, write an e-mail to aussenpolitik@asta-udk-berlin.de