Emergency Social Aid AStA

The AStA social funding has been suspended for the current year 2022. All project applications already accepted will be processed, but no further, new project applications will be accepted.

Referat für Soziales
Email: soziales@asta-udk-berlin.de

If you have questions, please approach the department for social affairs.
Please download the application form to be able to fill it in digitally.
Before handing it in,
please print it to be able to sign.
Our member in charge of the social affairs is happy to help you. 


AStA's social funding is currently not being offered!

The AStA has a social fund budget that exists to help students in difficult financial situations. This fund primarily supports international students with restricted employment permit and students who are single parents.

Students can fill out and sign the social fund form digitally and hand it in via email to soziales@asta-udk-berlin.de. You can find out which additionoal documents you need to send in social fund form(page 4).

It is advised to read the social fund guidelines before applying to find out weather your case is eligible for the social fund.

Funding policy

  1. AStA funds international students of UdK Berlin with restricted employment permit and students who are single parents, in financial distress.
  2. Applicants can only be helped with funding once a semester. 
  3. the fund does not need to be payed back.
  4. no legal claim for the fund. We work in a case by case review.

Funding policy (English)