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The semester ticket allows all students in Berlin to use the entire public transport system (ÖPNV) of the Berlin ABC area. The ticket is based on a solidarity model: all students pay it every semester with the enrollment / re-registration fee, so it is much cheaper for everyone. 

The semester ticket is a personal, non-transferable season ticket. Since the summer semester 2022 there is a CampusCard, which has the imprint "Semesterticket Berlin ABC". You can get the Campus Card at the ticket machine (at Hardenbergstr. 33 or at Einsteinufer 43 more information).

The transport association Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) concludes a separate contract with each student body in Berlin – including the student body of the UdK Berlin, represented by the AStA.

The AStA UdK Berlin operates a semester ticket office together with the General Students’ Committees of the Technical University (AStA TU Berlin) and the Alice-Salomon-Hochschule (AStA ASH Berlin). This office deals with all questions concerning the semester ticket, also called "Semtix". The office is located in the main building of the TU Berlin (Straße des 17. Juni 135), just behind the UdK main building at Hardenbergstraße 33, not far from the Volkswagen Library.

Student Referendum

First things first: The price for the semester ticket will not be increased in winter semester 22/23. All student bodies of the Berlin universities have been working for years to ensure that the semester ticket remains affordable.
At the same time as the StuPa election 2022, the AStA UdK Berlin is also conducting a ballot on the subject of the semester ticket. The reasons are:

Due to problems such as inflation and COVID-19, the price for the semester ticket may increase in the coming years. In case this happens, the AStA would like to get an opinion of the students of the UdK.

What do I vote on?

If the semester ticket should become more expensive, the question arises:

Do you want to continue to have the semester ticket for the increased price or do you not want a semester ticket at all?

Why are we conducting the survey now if it is not yet necessary?

The StuPa election 2022 will take place online for the first time. The data protection regulations for an election/vote are costly. By bringing forward a vote on the semester ticket, we can save significant additional costs.