The next StuPa meetings are:

Student Parliament Meeting

as already mentioned in some Stupa meetings, an increase of the AStA fee, collected via the semester fee, has to be increased in order to be able to continue with the standard activities. This is the result of the tax levies that now have to be paid retroactively and in the future, above all the wage tax. I invite you all next Wednesday 21.12.2022 at 19:30 online to the extraordinary StuPa meeting and if the resolution is given, which we very much hope for, a vote on the increase of the semester fee. You can access the meeting via this link: If you would like to participate in the calculation of different scenarios or if you have questions about the preparation and implementation of the budget, you can make an appointment with the AStA finance officer Hannah Spindler in advance. I look forward to seeing you all there.