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How much is the Semester Ticket?

The semester ticket costs 193.80 euros until the winter semester 2019/20

What are the 2.60 Euro administration fee used for?

The AStA runs a semester ticket office where applications for exemption from student contributions can be made if students are on a holiday or semester abroad, do a doctorate, study in a non-consecutive master's program or can not use the ticket due to illness. There you can also provide a subsidy to the ticket if you cannot afford the ticket. The costs of the office are covered by the 2.60 euros.

What are the 2% social fund contribution?

In addition to the ticket, all students pay 2% into a social fund, from which tickets are subsidized if there are special social hardships in the individual case. These can be:

Children and pregnancy

limited work permit

high medical costs

the preparation of the final degree thesis or a mandatory internship

Difficulities in financial situation

The grant is granted retroactively and usually includes the full ticket price. For more information click here.

Where is the ticket validation area?

The ticket is valid in the zone ABC of the VBB, which include all buses, trains and ferries of the BVG, in the S-Bahn, in all buses in Potsdam, in regional trains (for example to Königswusterhausen, Oranienburg or Falkensee) and in very few EC-trains.

Who and what can I take with me?

The Semesterticket entitles to the free transport of children up to the age of six, luggage, a dog, a stroller and a bicycle. Note that the semester ticket is only valid in combination with an official photo document (identity card, passport, driving license).

What is the valid time period for the semester ticket?

The semester ticket is valid for six months:

In the summer semester from 31.03. until 01.10.

In the winter semester from 30.09. until 01.04.

in the Zone ABC Berlin. It also applies on the last day of the previous semester and on the first day of the following semester.

Do I have to pay 60 euros if I was unable to show my ticket during a check?

Should you be unable to show your ticket during a check, you have the opportunity to show it to the respective transport company (S-Bahn, BVG) within a week, so that you only have to pay a reduced fare of 7.00 Euro.

Do all students have to buy a ticket?

The ticket is based on a solidarity model. Therefore it costs less than a normal monthly pass because all students have to buy it. This compensates for the losses incurred by the VBB (BVG, S-Bahn, etc.) in that some of the students no longer buy monthly passes. This is regulated in §18a of the Berlin Higher Education Act. After this, the majority of students had to vote for the ticket when introducing the ticket in a ballot. The aim of the Chamber of Deputies was on the one hand to offer students a cheap way of traveling, on the other hand to relieve the streets and the environment of Berlin.

Do I have to buy the ticket when I'm not in Berlin at all?

No, anyone who is outside Berlin for more than three months due to his studies can be exempted from the purchase obligation. Students who take a leave of absence, in non-consecutive courses, in doctoral or part-time studies or those who cannot use the ticket due to disability or illness can apply for the exemption at any time. The application can be found here.

Which study courses can be liberated from the semester ticket fee at the UdK?

Kunst im Kontext



Leadership in digitaler Kommunikation

Sound Studies

Can I be exempted during the semester?

Yes, you will then receive a pro-rata refund of unused, full months after you return your ticket.

Where do I return my ticket, where can I get my ticket?

The ticket is issued/sent by the IPA and must be returned there as well.

I lost my ticket. Will I receive a new one?

If you lose the ticket, you will receive a new ticket at the IPA for a fee of 10.23 euros. The semester ticket office cannot give you a new ticket if you lose it.

What do I do if my ticket has not been sent to me?

If you have paid your re-registration fee on time and correctly, the ticket should be in your mailbox no later than two weeks before the start of the semester. If not, call the IPA or go there. If your address was filed correctly, you will receive your new ticket for free until the first day of the semester. From the first day or if you forgot to give your new address, you will have to pay 10.23 Euro for the application.