Latest Edition SS2019: Let's talk about difficulties

Eigenart is the student magazine of AStA. It launches once the semester.

It is being supervised by the Department of communication 
In the center of every publication, we choose a topic that will be discussed by students who participate.

We engage with artistic, socio-political and cultural questions, but also see ourself as a presentation platform for visual works.

Every eigenart is different in its form and content.

Archive Website:


Here you can have a look on past publications. 

Open Call 

The topic of our #94 issue is "Zukunftsvisionen". Throughout the semester we will collect and publish the content on this topic. 

We want to find the answers to these questions together with you: 

What does our future look like? 

What kind of society will we live in?

What is the new reality?

Therefore we open Open Call for drawing, painting, literature, artistic research, installation, performance, dance, music, photography, digital art, sculpture, video, mixed media, decorative art, architecture and all other media that correspond to the topic.  

You should by no means close yourself to our questions, but rather perceive them as leading to the topic. Your work will be published as part of the digital edition of the magazine "eigenart" #94 "Zukunftsvisionen".

You could send your work in German and English language to kommunikation@asta-udk-berlin.de until December 15, 2020. 

We are very happy about your content!