Eigenart is the student magazine of AStA. It launches once the semester.

It is being supervised by the Department of Communication
In the center of every publication, we choose a topic that will be discussed by students who participate.

We engage with artistic, socio-political and cultural questions, but also see ourself as a presentation platform for visual works.

Every eigenart is different in its form and content.

Visit us at eigenart-magazin.de.

JOIN eigenart magazine's EDITORIAL TEAM! (redaktion@eigenart-magazin.de)

What is eigenart + the editorial team?

The student magazine of the UdK, in print since 1990 and online since 2020. About once a week we publish articles online, and about once a year we publish a printed edition of the magazine. Each semester, there is a new “edition” of the magazine which has a certain theme or topic. We also publish work NOT related to the current theme! The editorial team is a group of a few students who meet regularly to guide the content and organisation of the magazine.

Two people sit on the subway reading eigenart magazineTwo people sit on the subway reading eigenart magazine's issue #95.

How is eigenart structured?

We have "content" and "orgainisational" meetings. At the content meetings, upcoming articles and contributions would be discussed, with members giving feedback on each other’s work. Members can pitch ideas and workshop them. Students can collaborate, e.g. propose to illustrate someone’s article.

At orga meetings, members can talk about how to use the budget of eigenart, assign tasks such as proofreading or printing posters, and plan gatherings.

I can’t commit to come every week/I am unable to come to meetings in person/I feel uncomfortable in German or English