Emergency operation of UdK due to Covid-19 pandemic

Due to the current situation around the coronavirus the meetings of AStA will take place hybrid - digitally and in person.


General Students' Committee

During the semester AStA is meeting every Tuesday. All students are warmly invited to attend the public part of the meetings, if you have specific topics please contact a AStA member before.

Meetings during Summer Term 2022:
Every Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., Hardenbergstraße 33, Room 9d, and online on Webex

Consultations for Social Affairs:
Email us for that please :-).  Our emails often land in the spam folder, please check there as well.


Students' Parliament

StuPa is meeting once a month during lecture period. Irregular meetings will be announced here.

Meetings in the election period 21/22:
Wednesdays at 18:00 online


Student Councils' Conference (FSRK)

FSRK is meeting at least two times per semester.
Next meeting:
19th may, 6pm, room 208, Fasanenstr. 1b

Climate Day Invitation - 29.04.2022

25.04.22 • admin_asta

Illustration of a group of people at a outdoor fair.  Text reads "WeIllustration of a group of people at a outdoor fair. Text reads "We're hosting a Climate Day." 29. April. Open air. UdK Berlin and TU.

Dear students,

we would like to invite you to the Climateday on the 29th of April 2022 from 12am to 8pm. It is taking place at erweiterte Hertzallee and in UNI.T of UdK. Climate justice and sustainability are discussed and presented from various viewpoints. Listen to inputs, get involved in workshops or enjoy concerts and much more. You can get in touch with initiatives and projects from your university and learn what is done for climate justice at the campus.

The Climate day is a joint project of the TU Berlin and the UdK. On this day, we would like to draw attention to climate justice and sustainability, as well as strengthen the exchange between universities on these important topics. For this purpose, we have put together a diverse program.

Initiatives and Workshops
Ingenieure ohne Grenzen
Solar AG : "Wie baut man eine Photovoltaik Inselanlage?"
Gardenproject UdK
FFF TU Berlin, AG Klima UdK &Klasse Klima
Planetary Embodyment Presentation
Berlin autofrei e.V: Bauworkshop "Sitzemöbel statt Parkplatz"
Sustainable Handprints
Umweltreferat des TU und UdK Asta
Cloth swap (please bring max. 2 pieces)
Drinks provided by Freitagsrunde

To get started right away, you can register for the Berlin Autofrei building workshop "Seating instead of parking" at the following link.
Note: In case of bad weather, the event will take place in the foyer of the concert hall Hardenbergstraße/corner Fasanenstraße of the UdK.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Job posting Department of Finances and Department for Sustainability and Climate Justice

31.03.22 • admin_asta

Department of Finances: more info

Department for Sustainability and Climate Justice: more info 

Introduction of UdK's new Diversity Representative

22.03.22 • admin_asta

The AStA is happy to remind you about the new Diversity Representative of the UdK, Dr. Mutlu Ergün-Hamaz!  Please find his introduction below:

About my job:

You are a student, lecturer or employee of the UdK and have experienced or observed racist (or other forms of) discrimination at the UdK and would like to talk about it, but do not know to whom?

You have questions or uncertainties about diversity, anti-racism, anti-discrimination, intersectionality and empowerment?

You are no longer alone with your questions and experiences. If you want, you can talk to me about it. I work independently and confidentially.

About me:

Coming from a social research background, I have a PhD on narratives of racialization and empowerment in Germany from the LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science). I have 20 years of experience in political education, including anti-racism, Critical Whiteness and empowerment training. I am a freelance writer. My long-term goal is to create conditions in order to develop the UdK Berlin into an institution aware to racism and discrimination structurally at all levels.

Photograph, in the centre face and smartly dressed upper body of Mutlu Ergün-Hamaz, Diversity Manager, UdK Berlin, looking open and friendlyPhotograph, in the centre face and smartly dressed upper body of Mutlu Ergün-Hamaz, Diversity Manager, UdK Berlin, looking open and friendly

Survey: Pandemic operation of the university and situation of the students at UdK

28.02.22 • admin_asta

Dear fellow students,

our semester is coming to an end - another one under pandemic circumstances.

We, your Student Councils, want to know your perspective on your studies in pandemic times!

For good uni politics, it is always important to have a broad overview of issues concerning us all together!

So tell us your view and take the 4 minutes for the survey!

The student councils' conference (FSRK) started this survey.

Your vote counts!

-> https://umfrage.klasseklima.org/index.php/982141?lang=en

We hope you're well and have a good lecture-free time.