Editing and Mixing-Labs
Interflugs verfügt über buchbaren Schnittplatz und Sound-/ Aufnahme-Studio. (reservierbar unter Kontakt)

Außerdem gibt Druckmöglichkeiten für Zines, Poster und Flyer.

Interflugs bietet Studio und Film equipment zur Ausleihe an.

Fakultät Null
Fakultät Null bietet pro Semester verschiedene Veranstaltungen für Studierende an.

Projektförderung von Interflugs:
Einmal im Semester. Informationen über deadlines via Social Media und auf der Website.

Social Media von Interflugs:

Hello network of friends, students, organizers, artists and trouble-makers!

Interflugs is the rebel faculty organized collectively by students who labor to provide access and resources and re-distribute privileges of the liberal arts institution in ways that make this place, hopefully a little more live-able, disruptive and joyous.
We try to support and engage radical generative modes of being in our labor and create place/s for wildness.

We are not a political group but we will support all forms of critical gatherings and resistance to toxic power. We work collectively in resistance to hierarchies and we try to grow and sustain connections with people both in and out of and ”of and not of the institution.