Emergency operation of UdK due to Covid-19 pandemic

Due to the current situation around the coronavirus the meetings of AStA will take place hybrid - digitally and in person.


General Students' Committee

During the semester AStA is meeting every Tuesday. All students are warmly invited to attend the public part of the meetings, if you have specific topics please contact a AStA member before.

Meetings during lecture-free time 2022:
Next Meeting: Tuesday, 6th Sept 7:00 p.m., Hardenbergstraße 33, Room 9d, and online on Webex 
Please let us know if you want to join so we can send you the link to the meeting.

Consultations for Social Affairs:
Email us for that please :-).  Our emails often land in the spam folder, please check there as well.


Students' Parliament

StuPa is meeting once a month during lecture period. Irregular meetings will be announced here.

Invitation to special StuPa Meeting on Friday, 23.09.2022, at 10am, Online via: https://udk-berlin.webex.com/meet/m.tomaschko

The next StuPa meetings are:

Die nächste Sitzungen des StuPa sind:



Student Councils' Conference (FSRK)

FSRK is meeting at least two times per semester.
Next meeting:

Extraordinary FSRK in the lecture-free time to plan the representation at the Ersti-Begrüßung (18.10.2022) and the Zukunftstag (18.11.2022):
Thu, 22.09.2022 (hybrid/digital) 18:00.

Ordinary FSRKs in WiSe 22/23:
Wed, 26.10.2022 (location tba)
Thu, 08.12.2022 (location tba)
Thu, 12.01.2023 (location tba)
Thu, 16.02.2023 (location tba)

No money for a semester ticket? We help!

07.07.20 • admin_asta • semesterticket

No money for a semester ticket? We help! 

At the UdK, students with little income have the opportunity to receive a subsidy for the semester ticket.

Students who have children or are pregnant, who come from non-EU countries, who have special medical costs or who are in a serious financial emergency situation have the best chances of receiving this help. 
The submission deadline ends with the current re-registration deadline, so you have until 31.07.20 to apply for a grant.

You can find more information here: http://asta-udk-berlin.de/de/semesterticket/zuschuss/

Is it possible to be completely exempted from the semester fee?

Attention: Exemption also means not having a semester ticket available.

If you are not able to use public transport due to illness or a disability, if you are absent from Berlin for at least 3 months at a time, if you are on vacation for a semester, or if you are a student in a supplementary, additional or postgraduate course of study, in a part-time course of study, in a course of further education, in a master's course of study, in a doctoral programme or similar, you can be exempted from the semester fee.

If you want to be exempted from the semester fee, it is best to submit the application three weeks before the re-registration deadline (31.07.20). 

You can find more information here:http://asta-udk-berlin.de/de/semesterticket/befreiung/