Semester tickets from WS 19/20 will be still accepted

VBB semester tickets for the winter semester 2019/20, which expire on 31.03.2020, will still be accepted as tickets for the use of public transport. The regulation is valid until 30.04.2020. The condition is that a certificate of enrollment for the summer semester 2020 can be presented at the same time.

For first-year students in summer semester 2020 who have not received or will not receive a VBB semester ticket from the university, we cannot offer a solution at the moment. We assume that in the near future there will be no travel occasions for this group of persons. At most universities there are no more reference lectures and refectories, libraries and other public areas are no longer accessible. Therefore we have to point out that all first-year students* without a valid semester ticket have to buy a ticket at the travel event. A refund for these purchased tickets is not yet provided for, certificates of enrolment are not accepted as replacement tickets.

If VBB-Semestertickets cannot be replaced in case of loss, a ticket must be bought at the occasion of the journey. A reimbursement for these purchased tickets is not intended so far, matriculation certificates alone are not recognized as replacement ticket.

This regulation has been made until 30.04.2020. The situation will be reassessed in mid-April 2020. We will then inform you again.