Optional semester - equal opportunities for all students!

The Corona crisis and its consequences do not stop at the 2.9 million students in Germany:

The restrictions in everyday life and in university life, the psychological and financial burdens on students and the uncertainty about how things will continue affect students to a considerable extent. The digitalisation of teaching is an important and forward-looking aspect of higher education; however, the extremely rapid implementation is creating new burdens and unequal conditions for students.

In view of the current situation, the Munich University of Applied Sciences student representation demands that the upcoming summer semester be offered as an "optional semester". In order to ensure equal opportunities for all students, all courses should only be used by students on a voluntary basis. If the situation does not allow students to study the semester on a regular basis, there should be no disadvantages for students. This demand was published in a petition on Tuesday.

Now we call on all student representatives in Germany: If you want to support the petition, please spread it on your channels and to your students. 

Link #1: https://www.kannsemester.de/
Link #2: https://change.org/kannsemester/