Coronavirus situation at the UDK Berlin

Here you will find all important updates and immediate measures from UdK Berlin and Asta UdK. 

Emergency operation of the UdK due to the Covid-19 pandemic 

The meetings are held hybrid (digitally and in person) by AStA (in the AStA-Raum 9D Hardenbergstr 33), StuPa and FSRK. The exact procedures are currently being worked out, but we will inform you as soon as possible about the further procedure.

Social emergency aid

We are currently accepting the application for social emergency aid by e-mail. You can download and save it, then you can fill out the PDF file digitally. However, you still need to print out the application, sign it and send it to us as SCAN PER MAIL. 

Emergency contacts for mental stress during corona measures

A list of emergency contacts and advice centres you can turn to if you need help and support yourself or for others.

FAQs for students and prospective students in times of pandemic

The Office of Student Affairs has created a tile with FAQs for students and prospective students in times of the pandemic. The site is to be understood as "work in progress", i.e. it will be continuously updated, expanded and supplemented. 

We will keep you up to date!

All upcoming exams will not take place until further notice.

19.03.20 • admin_asta • Corona

The State Secretary for Science and Research and the Berlin universities agreed on the procedure for the upcoming examinations. 
For the Berlin University of the Arts this means the following: 
All upcoming exams will be cancelled until further notice. They will be offered at a later date.
The Berlin universities have also agreed that deadlines for the registration and submission of Bachelor's and Master's theses, dissertations and comparable study and examination papers, as well as doctoral deadlines will be extended by two months. There may be further adjustments to these deadlines if the university is suspended for a longer period of time and the libraries are also closed for longer periods. 

Updates on Visa and Residency permits

18.03.20 • admin_asta • Corona

UdK has been notified by the Landesamt für Einwanderung (LEA, formerly „Ausländerbehörde“) that until further notice, all current statuses are simply remaining intact (i.e. at least until LEA, who like all public offices in Berlin right now are on a skeleton service due to the pandemic-related measures, can resume work). 
This also means that exchange students can assume their exchange semester is being extended.
Anyone who intends to leave the country, can also do so with no problem in this regard.