Department for Student Networking and Interdisciplinary

Lili Hillerich

Responsible for:

Represents AStA at:

  • Performing Arts Faculty Council
  • Joint Commission for the Studium Generale
  • Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz
  • Student Council Conference


  • Connecting the student councils (FSR), the student parliament (StuPa) and the general students’ committee (AStA) with each other
  • Help with the work of the student councils
  • Organisation of the Fachschaftsrätekonferenz (FSRK, meeting of all student councils)
  • Support for student members in the university committees
  • Offering information events on higher education policy and cross-degree workshops, as well as presenting the AStA at first semester events
  • Recruitment of students for higher education policy commitment
  • Participation in the weekly AStA meetings and representation of the AStA in the committees of the UdK
  • Participation in high-profile events
  • Support of the AStA Newsletter

The main task of the Department for Networking and Interdisciplinarity is to familiarise students with the higher education politics of the UdK Berlin and to encourage them to participate. Thus, the department is the first point of contact for 
The networking department also advises and supports the student members of the UdK committees. 

Furthermore, the department is particularly responsible for supporting and coordinating the student councils and organizes the student council conference at least twice a semester.


The department would like to inform as broadly as possible about the participation rights of students and encourage them to participate in higher education politics.
For this reason, it organizes workshops on this topic at irregular intervals, attends welcome events for freshmen and international students and produces information material.

But it is also possible to get personal advice on the UdK's higher education politics. All you have to do is send an email and, if necessary, make an appointment. There are many different ways to get involved: short-term or long-term, sometimes for money, in the study environment, or at the large university level. 
In any case, commitment is a good thing and students are always wanted. It can also be useful when it comes to BAföG or standard period of study extension, student health insurance, or applying for scholarships.

Confirmations of higher education policy commitment

If you are involved or committed to the student council, the StuPa, or the AStA, you can get a confirmation from the networking department. This confirmation is verified by signature and stamp.

For this confirmation the following data are needed from you:
Full name, current address, name of the committee, period of engagement, date and place of birth.
If necessary, it is possible to take into account special tasks that you have fulfilled. Please send a list of these activities.

If you have not been involved in student bodies but in committees of the university (Institute Council, Faculty Council, Academic Senate, commissions, etc.), please do not hesitate to write to the respective office or administration and ask for a confirmation. If there are any problems or you do not know who to contact, the Networking Office will be happy to help you.