Department for digital ethics and transformation

Tabea Magura


Responsible for:

  • The UdK Pinboard in collaboration with the Medienhaus

  • Digitalisation in communications, art, online teaching, cultural values and ethics, etc.

Represents the AStA at:


  • Creating this new department

  • Advancing digitalisation at UdK

  • Critically accompanying the digital processes at UdK, with regard to ethical questions

  • Collaborating with other initiatives in the digital field at UdK

  • Collaborating with the Medienhaus, UdK Spaces, and the UdK Pinboard

  • Participating in weekly AStA meetings, monthly StuPa meetings, and representing the AStA at UdK committee meetings

  • Maintenance of internal AStA IT

Get in Touch

You are very welcome to submit proactive requests and ideas on the subject of digital ethics and transformation. The department is open for exchange and input on these themes!