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About the AStA
The AStA (Allgemeiner Studierenden Ausschuss) is the General Student Council of the UdK Berlin. We are the representative student counterpart to the administration, boards and faculties of UdK Berlin. We support and coordinate student initiatives both within and outside of the various colleges of the university.

The AStA holds meetings every wednesday at 7.00pm (Hardenbergstraße 33, Room 9). At these meetings students can apply for project funding. Foreign students in severe financial distress may also request financial aid. See Social Aid.

Project Funding
AStA project funding
A certain amount of the mandatory AStA-fee per semester is being used for project funding. If your project fulfills the following criteria you can apply for project funding at one of our meetings. You should hold a short presentation on your project and bring a filled application form as well as a filled financing scheme.

In order to get funded by AStA, your project needs to fulfill the following criteria
– your project is a a group project initiated by UdK students and/or a collaboration with students of other universities, and or
– an interdisciplinary project facilitating the exchange between different colleges / majors.
– Projects that do not directly involve UdK students can only be funded if there is an obvious benefit for UdK students.

Exceptions will only be granted if
– the student group’s work deals with education-related policy
– the work is relevant socially and/or ecologically, or
– the work is humanitarian aid.

AStA requests free entry to funded cultural events for UdK students, if possible.

In addition, there is also UdK-related project-funding from:

Interflugs is a student-organized group that offers following services:
– Equipment rentals (Monday 15:00-18:00, Hardenbergstr. 33, Room 33)
– Qcine: film editing and lectures
– The Free Class (Freie Klasse) is also a part of Interflugs
– More information on

Your Fachschaftsrat (FSR)
Most colleges / institutes are represented by a Fachschaftsrat. The students in Fachschaftsrat are not only your contact persons for any college-related questions and issues, they also allocate project funding amongst students at their college. Find out if your college / institute is being represented by a Fachschaftsrat here.

The Fachschaftsrätekonferenz (FsrK) – the assembly of the student representative groups of individidual faculties – can also allocate project funding for interdisciplinary projects as well as for students whose college / institute does not have a Fachschaftsrat. The assembly takes place twice per semester – check the news-section of the AStA website regulary for time and date of the next assembly or sign up for the AStA E-Mail-newsletter (right column).

In order to get funded by FsrK, your project needs to fulfill the following criteria
– student projects in which students with varying courses of study actively participate
– projects which present a clear benefit for students from different colleges / majors.
– interdisciplinary workshops and free courses involving many disciplines.

You should hold a short presentation on your project at FsrK and bring a filled application form as well as a filled financing scheme.

For large scale funding of more extensive, interdisciplinary projects, check out the website of KKWV – Committee for artistic and scientific projects.

Social Aid
The social aid counsellor is responsible for the social interests of the students. There are weekly office hours (Hardenbergstraße 33, room 9) where you can speak individually with the counsellor about any social concerns you may have (find the office hours here). We can advise you on financing your studies (BAFöG, student credits and loans, jobs, etc.) and studying with children.

In addition to this the social aid counsellor manages the social fund for international students.

Social Fund – Short-term Financial Support (“Sozialfonds”)
Students in severe financial situations can be supported by a social fund managed by AStA. This funding is primarily for international students with limited working permits and students who are single parents.

Financial support will be provided under the following conditions:
– If you are either a foreign student of the UdK Berlin whose working permit is limited or a single parent who is studying at the UdK Berlin and you are in a state of financial emergency, you may receive funds.
– Applicants can be provided with a sum of up to 300 euros once per semester. The funding is not a loan, therefore it does not have to be paid bacl.
– An individual case assesment determines the funding. There is no legal claim to the funding.

Filing the application
You can file your application form during the office hours of the social aid counsellor, where you can also find information about other funding possibilities. Please make an appointment at:

Together with your application, you need to hand in the following documents:
– a copy of your student ID
– a copy of your personal ID or passport
– a copy of your lease
– bank statements for the last three months; optionally an income statement

Of course AStA is bound to professional discretion and will handle your documents in confidence.

Public transport fee refunding
Refunding of the fee for the Semesterticket

If you have financial difficulties to afford the Semesterticket, you may be able to receive a subsidy for the price of the ticket. The application for a subsidy is independent from the rest of the enrollment procedures. Initially you must pay the normal fee after which you regularly receive your student ID which also functions as Semesterticket. If your application for subsidy is being approved, the fee will partly or entirely be refunded.

You can file your application for a subsidy if you can prove that you have particular difficulties in affording the fee for the Semesterticket. Your monthly income may not exceed your necessity and you may not have any savings. All three criteria must be fulfilled.

Particular difficulties could be:
– working on a thesis project
– an occupation which is poorly paid or unpaid
– in the case of foreign students, the limitations of the work permit
– great expenses for medical care
– pregnancy
– the single parenting situation
– the right to integrational support
– a costly diet due to a disability or illness or a particularly low income

If you wish to file an application for a subsidy, you should get counselling at the Semesterticket office, which is located at the Technical University of Berlin. Find the contact details here.

The people who work at the office will be happy to help you. That’s what they’re here for. This way potential questions can be answered in advance and the processing time will be shortened.