FSR Bildende Kunst

Hardenbergstraße 33
Room 34a
D-10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Email: fsr-bildendekunst@asta-udk-berlin.de

The Student Coucil of Fine Arts is meeting unregularly at the moment, so best you write us always an email. Also our next meeting can be asked for by mail.


Who are we?

The Fachschaftsrat BK currently consists of 10 members. We were elected in January 2019 and are in different classes and years:
– Bella (Class Favre)
– Esra (Class Pryde)
– Pharaz (Class Pernice)
– Hariklia (Class Konrad)
– Kim (Class Bonvicini)
– Lukas (Class Pryde)
– Johanna (Class Bonvicini)
– Nikolas (Class Pryde)
– Ana (Foundation year)
– Konstantin (Class Favre)

We as the Fachschaftsrat Bildende Kunst (student association for Fine Arts) are an anti-racist, queer and feminist assembly of students of the Fine Arts program at UdK Berlin. As an inherent part of the university policy and as an active member of, among others, the faculty council, we are the direct representative instance for the concerns and necessities of the students at our university.
In doing so, the topics and problematics we are dealing with range from the equality of all students, over the realization of new and needed facilities at our faculty, or advertising new vacancies for qualified teaching personnel, to an intensive and extensive discourse about our general collective situation of studying in itself.
On top of that, we occasionally organize open events at our faculty and support different engaged and collective projects of students of the Fine Arts program.

If you have any concerns or questions you would like to raise, if you want to apply for support for your project or if you are interested in contributing to our work as a Fachschaft or even become a member, please go ahead and write an e-mail to:

Current Topics
- Study and examination regulations for the fine arts
- How do teacher training and fine art go together as well as possible?
- Summer party and tour
- Usage of Steinhaus
- Possibilities of a student-administered room/location in the UdK
- Promotion of student concerns and projects