AStA UdK Berlin
Hardenbergstraße 33, Room 9
D-10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Telephone: +49 030 3185 2464

The AStA office is not open on a regular basis. Therefore we recommend to contact the respective department directly via email.

The AStA meetings are public and can be attended without further requieries. If you have certain requests though, please write us an email beforehand. The meeting times can be found on the homepage.

AStA is the executive of the student body and represents and defends the interests of students towards the university direction and administration as well as the various boards and faculties of UdK.
AStA supports the Student Coucils at the different institutes and coordinates student initiatives and matters inside and outside of the university, commissioned by Student Parliament.

Department of Finances

Responsabilities: accounting, contracts,view on budget
Represents the AStA at: Studierendenwerk

Department of social affairs

Responsabilities: social fund applications, project fund applications, consultancy about housing subsidy, BAFöG, studying with children
Represents the AStA at: 

Department of communication and „eigenart“

Responsabilities: Website, Social Media, eigenart (magazin of the AStA)
Represents the AStA at: Hzt, KKWV, BAS, stands in communication with UdK Press 

Department of internal university politics

Responsabilities: study regulations, university laws
Represents the AStA at: akademic senate (AS), extended akademic senate (eAS)

Department of external university politics

Responsabilities: Landes-ASten-Konferenz (AStA conference of Berlin), university laws, campus politics, semesterticket
Represents the AStA at:  

Department of student networking and interdisciplinary

Responsabilities: student council(Fachschaftsräte) Faculty council, student who are inside university commitees
Represents the AStA at: Fakultätsrat Darstellende Kunst (FR DK)

Department of intercultural affairs and anti-discrimination


Responsabilities: international students, equal opportunities, help and engagement in cases of discrimination​​

Represents the AStA at: commission for equal opportunities (Chancengleichheit - KfC)

What is AStA?
The AStA is the exekutive team of the student body and is electedby the students parliament (StuPa).
Currently it consists of 6 members.

Where does the AStA act?
The AStA advocades students interests. It helps individual students and student groups in various problems with consultancy and active negotiation with the universities administration.The AStA also works as a communicative platform;
Its members represent and fight for student interests inside various university committes and faculties.
The AStA assists student councils of all institutes and coordinates student actions inside and outside the university.

How to contact the AStA?
Ideally write to the Department that is responsible for the field of your request.
The office of AStA is not regularly staffed.
During the lecture period the meetings take place weekly and are open for guests. If you are interested in taking part to a meeting, please inquire.

Does AStA offer legal advice/service?
Unfortunatley the AStA does not offer legal advice. In such case, please contact the student social counsel of the Humboldt University:
Telefon: (030) 20 93 26 03 (oder -26 14)

How to become a member of the Team?
Every department is elected once a year.
The job advertisements are posted on the website and are send to all students and student representatives, to all classes and professors.

Are AStA members paid?
Yes. Every AStA member recieves a compensation of  440€ per month.